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Slack and Company Takes Home 10 Awards at Chicago BMA 2015 Towers

2016 Tower Awards

CHICAGO, February 4, 2016—Slack and Company's showing at this year's Chicago BMA Tower Awards proves that there's a lot more to integrated b2b "advertising" than merely ads. The agency picked up 10 awards, the second highest tally in the competition,  for a body of creative work spanning areas such as digital marketing, sales enablement, trade show programs, dimensional mailers, direct response programs, marketing activation and, yes, print ads.

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Slack and Company Stacks Up 13 Wins at Chicago BMA 2014 Towers

10.22.14  | Chicago, IL

Slack tallies second-highest agency showing at BMA-Chicago awards show.

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Rance Crain...An Appeal

To BtoB or not to BtoB. That was and maybe, I hope, could still be the question.

The business-marketing profession was rocked two weeks ago by the stunning decision by Crain Communications to essentially close down its BtoB media brand and properties (e.g., BtoB magazine, and move what might remain of the brand and continuing coverage of b2b marketing to BtoB’s younger and historically consumer-focused media sibling, Advertising Age.

Monday, October 14, 2013/Author: Gary Slack/Number of views (2561)/Comments (0)/
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Slack and Company Among Top Winners Chicago BMA 2013 Towers

CHICAGO, September 17, 2013 — Though no Slacker braved the live-band karaoke at this year's Chicago BMA Tower Awards ceremony held September 17 at the Hard Rock Cafe, the integrated b-to-b agency was frequently in the spotlight. The Slack team picked up three Golds and seven total awards—the second-highest tally among all agencies represented.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013/Author: Slack and Company Public Relations/Number of views (2264)/Comments (0)/
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Who's Got Talent? A Recap of the BMA YP ACE Series Event on June 18, 2013

Experts master every nook and cranny of one subject (sommeliers can assess every dimension of a wine’s taste) while other talented folk become great in many different areas (carpenters who can also paint while dancing).

Whatever the type, talented people take a multifaceted approach.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013/Author: Slack Staff/Number of views (2406)/Comments (0)/
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