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In response to "Live Streaming for B2B Marketers"

Terry McDermott confirms Rich Dettmer’s beliefs: Rich is jumping the gun.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016/Author: Terry McDermott/Number of views (1086)/Comments (0)/
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What does Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn mean for B2B marketing?

You can bet the information from LinkedIn won't get less invasive.

Whether the move is destined for success or is a colossal failure, speculation on the deal's implications - both for LinkedIn and Microsoft as well as the digital community at large - is well underway. 
Monday, June 20, 2016/Author: Terry McDermott/Number of views (2372)/Comments (0)/
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Advertising on LinkedIn—The Jury Is Still Out

"Their LinkedIn targeting is unsurpassed—you can reach the titles, companies and geographies you want."

That’s what I was quoted as saying in a story about the 2013 “Media Power 50” in the May 2013 issue of BtoB magazine. My comments bolstered BtoB’s decision to rank LinkedIn #3 in this annual feature, up from #7 the previous year and just behind The Wall Street Journal and Google.

Now I’d like to elaborate on that quote, because, in our considered opinion, the theory and the reality of LinkedIn can sometimes be at odds.

Thursday, October 31, 2013/Author: Terry McDermott/Number of views (6831)/Comments (0)/
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The Campaign Benchmark That You Already Have (But May Not Know)

Often, upon embarking on an ad campaign for a client, two questions come up: What click-through rate should we expect? How many of those who click will convert?

As an agency, we have various sources to help provide an industry benchmark. Most often, we turn to MediaMind, our preferred ad server, who helpfully compiles industry statistics. (You can get it here, but you’ll have to register. I wonder what their conversion rate is?)

Of course, an overall B-to-B benchmark CTR of 0.11% isn’t all that helpful to an advertiser looking to reach general contractors in construction, or to an HR services provider looking to reach mid-sized company benefits managers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013/Author: Terry McDermott/Number of views (2445)/Comments (0)/
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Targeting Ads by Mobile Devices Provides a Glimmer of Hope for B-to-B

Facebook gets headlines when it makes advancements in ad targeting, as seen by the decision to permit targeting by mobile device. It’s not a big advancement for B-to-B advertising, but it provides a glimmer of hope. The last time targeting by mobile device mattered for B-to-B was in the early days of the iPhone – when it was clearly a consumer device and Blackberry still had the business market cornered. Of course, in those days it was pretty much text ads and the overall market didn’t amount to much.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012/Author: Terry McDermott/Number of views (1801)/Comments (0)/
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